The northern lights – Aurora borealis

The northern lights appear in the evening and night, when the sky is dark, and often appear as flickering curtains or high colums over the night sky. The colours are bright green and white, with a touch of pink and purple.

The chances of experiencing this natural phenomenon are better in late autumn, as well as winter and early spring.

Skiing and ski touring

Ski touring in the finest coastal mountains around the Lyngen Fjord, in Kågen and in Kvænangen is an adventure from summit to sea!

Uløya in Nordreisa has in recent years been named among international ski tourists in search of ever-new exotic destinations, and the more famous Lyngen Alps, Kåfjord Alps and Kågen also offer excellent skiing. We recommend anyone who plans to ski in extreme terrain to acquire the necessary experience and knowledge about avalanches. Please check for more details.


There are of course also great possibilities for cross country skiing in the slopes and in the mountain areas. In Storslett there is a total of 40 km of cross country tracks, and you can also ski to popular destinations such as Sikkajävre and Kildalsdammen.

Dog sledding

Imagine a trip with a dog sled in Reisa Valley, on the tundra or on the frozen river, including a meal break around the fire – dog sledding is a wonderful experience, either under the dancing northern lights or in the sunshine on a crisp winter day.

There are several local dog breeders offering dog sledding tours.

Snowmobile tours

For many, snowmobile tours are the best form of recreation. There is nothing that can surpass the calmness of the enormous, white, freezing tundra, combined with ice fishing, bonfire and total silence.

In Nordreisa there are eight snowmobile trails that are approved for recreational driving. The trails are not open until announced by the municipality. Valid trails are those marked with signs at all times.

Riverboat and fishing in Reisa River

Reisa River originates from Reisa Lake and the river flows through the Reisa Valley 120 km to the estuary in Reisa Fjord.

Reisa River is rich in fish and has magnificent waterfalls and wild streams. Reisa River is one of the country’s best salmon rivers. In the lower part of Reisa River you can fish salmon, sea trout and arctic char.
Reisa River passes the 269 meter high waterfall Mollis, Troms county’s highest waterfall. Mollis has a free fall of 140 meters, and is said to be Norway’s finest waterfall.


Hiking and outdoor life

The northern Troms region offers unspoiled and varied scenery, with coastline and fjords, high mountains and expansive tundras.

“UT I NORD”  is a selection of 75 beautiful tours in Kvænangen, Kåfjord, Nordreisa and Skjevøy. The tours are varied and show the varied nature northern Troms has to offer. See more at



Northern Troms is a multicultural region characterized by both Norwegian, Kven and Sami culture. Many  have Kven and Sami backgrounds. Paaskiviikko is a week-long festival that is held in early June, with special focus on the Kven language, culture and history. The International Indigenous Festival Riddu Riđđu takes place in Manndalen in Kåfjord in July, and is an important part of the Sámi cultural awakening in the Sea Sami area.